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Goddess Black Lace Bolero Cardigan Shrug


$18.59 $30.99

  • CF334
  • Black shrug
  • lace cardigan
  • dressy cardigan
  • evening outfit

Beauty is in the details of this stunning, black lace bolero cardigan. You'll love its understated ruffles and the gentle curves of the hem. Clings in all the right places, but with an easy, forgiving fit. Perfectly figure flattering and just the right accent for any special outfit. Make waves in the most beautiful way possible. Enjoy this easy care, just right for travel sexy cardigan brought to you by 24Seven Comfort Apparel. You'll love how it makes you look and how it makes you feel, too. Why should fashion be anything less? We're all about stylish, comfortable “must haves” for your wardrobe, twenty four hours a day.